Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Such a great buzz on board

 So this morning again was beautiful weather.  It was a relatively short hop to get as close to Crewe as we could for Gemma to catch the train back to London and work.  
Hard cheese Gemma.
David thought the best place for a taxi pick up was by Aqueduct Marina on the Middlewich Arm.  We pulled up just short of the marina.  The girls were inside putting the last things into bags and I was on deck about to take the middle rope as we landed.  Mitch was standing by for further orders and in the lack of armco David pulled out the mallet and stakes and started hammering.  Suddenly there was shocking language coming from David, then a scream, then a shriek and he was running off flapping madly in the air and more shrieks and swearing.....!    

David had unknowingly hammered into a wasps nest.  The result was fairly scary I can tell you.  He was literally targeted by the wasps and they swarmed past Mitch and myself and followed him down the tow path, at one point one was next to his eye inside his glasses, he flung the glasses in to a bush and Mitch rescued them.  Well all this happened very quickly and was pretty shocking.  

David was left with 8 or 9 stings.  Mitch and I although very close by had none and all though the attack I managed to keep hold of the boat too.  I was all for abandoning the stern rope, the mallet and the stake and buying new ones at the chandlery, but brave Mitch snuck back and got them.  The air was pretty full of them very close to the boat.

The next days were spent administering bite ease solution to my dear husband's torso.  Unsurprisingly no photos.

Well the taxi arrived just afterwards and then we all had a sit down.  Later we had lunch and carried on.  We serviced the boat at the junction with the Shropshire Union canal at Barbridge.  Then we moved onto the junction with the Llangollen canal where there is a great wide verge and sunshine all evening.

Mitch had a go at driving.

Sunset at Llangollen junction

Card sharkes in action

New Hipster gin, tonic and a squeezed wedge of grapefruit.

Fabulous evening and a supper of roasted veg, new potatoes, squeaky cheese and sausages.

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