Monday, 5 September 2016

So what's that down there then?

The day dawned sunny bright and clear.  Too nice for boating...  David had already been out car moving and reported back that he had found a great view point not far.  So in bright sunshine off we walked.  It was to the top of a ridge between us here, well south of Marple and the Goyt valley again.  So the ridge we went up was between Marple and Disley.

It was sunny as I said so I simply worn my slip on pretty red trainers.  Rookie error.  Soon I was picking through bogs and a muddy spring.

WaL form the footpath, Goyt Mill behind in the distance.

Surprising friend of this calf.

Cheshire Plain

WaL on my most extreme zoom



Disley.... We think.

The Peak District in the distance.

Foreground is Marple

So as we stood on the viewpoint, a cyclist came along and stopped.  He was middle-aged, very very friendly and clad in very very tight lycra.  As he got of the bike and chatted I didn't know where to look!  Then it got worse as he performed his "Stretches" Oh my golly Moses.  

However, he pointed out to us all the towns surrounding and offered to answer any questions we may have, (I kept my binoculars up to my eyes).  At length he cycled away, and I made a note to self NEVER to allow husband to wear lycra, not even for a joke.

Back to the boat and we went on down to Poynton first to water up, then for me to scrub my red trainers clean and get rid of smelly rubbish.  Then onto Gurnett Aqueduct to moor for the night.
A lovely day and the sun continued to shine all day

Pretties on the way back to the boat, I wonder what this is?


  1. Hi Lisa, it's a Mimulus, or monkey flower. You more often see the yellow sort. They are non-native but I don't think they are regarded as a problem, unlike the wretched Himalayan Balsam.
    Best wishes

    1. Dear Debby,
      Thank you so much, I do love it when I am advised corrected and put straight. I have no idea of wild flowers, but it something I feel I should learn more about.
      Thank you again!