Friday, 9 September 2016

Castle in the clouds

Don't you just love mornings like this?  

A short trip today... We went from the Bosley Locks to Scholar Green, the sun shone, the birds sang.

The Cloud haas reappeared this morning.

Mr Chirpy.

I think this is Congleton.  Count all those bridges.

This big house right next to the canal belonged to a local wealthy

We moored up almost at the bottom of the Macclesfield canal, near to the Rising Sun Pub again.  

We jumped in the car to do Supermarket Sweep down at Tesco near to Harecastle Tunnel in Kidsgrove.  

Now at dawn this morning David had followed his nose to go up Mow Cop.  Now this is an odd place.  The name goes back to Anglo Saxon times.  There is actually a village way up there, clinging to the hill top just below the folly castle.  The whole hill top was an area of quarrying stone used for mill stones.  

These are David's photos at dawn...

Great rock colours

This was teatime

The hills surrounding were covered in heather, just past its best.

Is this Jodrell Bank on the Cheshire Plain?

The huge pits now left form the quarrying.

The view towards Kidsgrove and Harecastle Tunnel

Back to the boat as we were nipping over to Crewe to pick up the troops.  They thought they were having a weekend away from it all.  
Tomorrrow morning Heartbreak Hill.

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