Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Feeling hot hot hot...

This morning started early for us.  Now when I say "Us" I don't really mean it.  
David is awake really early and gets twitchy.  He asked if I wouldn't mind if he set off early tomorrow morning?
"How early?"
"Ooo well, you know...?"
"Ok but as long as you realise that if there is a problem you are on your own as I will be in my nightie"
So on that basis, David set off at 06:20 this morning.  I understand it was grey but warm.

He poked his head around the bedroom door at 07:50 to say
"Five minute warning for the locks"
Now I might like a ten minute warning next time David, but I was on deck, leather gloves on (To protect nails) well in time for the first lock as we turned off of the Shroppie and onto the  Llangollen Canal.  Still grey.

Now I am told that we hadn't passed one boat (Obviously not counting moored boats), it was exactly 8am now, David had already stopped and filled with water, pity he didn't wash the boat down as its very dusty...

So no boats to be seen at the Hurleston Flight, on we go, two more locks and not a sign of boat life.  Two dog walkers though.  

Coffee was served then the Baddeily Locks, one boat appeared at the last lock.  We moored up just 100 metres along from the top lock, with no life in sight.
Sun appeared.

We sat down to breakfast in the cratch at 11:45am and by then it was HOT, no air moving.   I'm not sure but I think naps were involved and maybe good books for a while. 
Boiling hot now.

Much later we cycled on the road back to Nantwich to drink tea with friends Sarah and Chris on NB DulcieBlue, they are moored tonight almost exactly where we were last night,  HERE.   We are both playing leap frog but heading in the same direction generally so we hope to see them again later along the way again.

After tea and laughs we cycled back to WaL for supper which tonight was a starter of steamed asparagus followed by avocados  on toast.  All this green stuff is got to be good for me surely?

So sorry that the weak 3G with one bar on the dongle won't load a single photo but if all goes to plan I will attach them tomorrow night.

Finally, six or so days later than posted here are attached photos of the day, this was due to very weak 2G!!

The junction of the Llangollen and Shropshire Union.

David finishing this lock.

These were seen from the lock, reminds me of the car parking system I saw in New York City, yes really.

Last lock in the flight.

Take my word for it this is a Grey Wagtail, my favourite bird came to talk to me.

No boats anywhere in sight.

We moored up along here and in a sunny gap. 

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