Sunday, 19 June 2016

Loitering with intent.

The couple of days we spent watching those nice cows passed, on one of them we drove up to Chirk Castle.  Its a bit of a star as far as castles go.  Built by Edward 1, he had had his fill of the troublesome Welsh and built a string of castles to maintain his rule, he also had his own son crowned Prince of Wales, the title is still given by the ruling monarch to the first born son to this day, (I tell this purely to that new Reader in Brazil).  
I am sorry to say that it rained heavily when we were there (Of course it did)  and I didn't risk getting my camera out.  So here is one I stole from the interweb;

Chirk Castle

Another day we spent while loitering, was trying to find a post office.  Now I know we are in a foreign country, I am happy to celebrate diversity, but frankly it was easier to navigate around Budapest than Wales.  By the time you have decided what name is spelt in English and what the road number is you want you have whizzed past, husband is moaning about where the b*****y heck are we now, so finding a post office to send a borrowed carving knife back to Devon took sometime....  Don't ask!

Afterwards we had had a drink in The Telford Arms at Trevor, overlooking THE Aqueduct, Gongozelling is quite fun.   An Australian family were picking up a boat from the hire centre here we were overlooking, David loved it as while the centre man was showing the parents over the boat, the two children helped to get ready, by uniting all the ropes!

We ordered a ham sandwich to share, now I don't really eat ham much but it was so delicious we ordered another.  

That afternoon, we walked over the Pontiwotnot... There is something you should understand, David hates heights and I hate precipices....

Looks stable enough.

Yep he held on and by golly so did I.  It was ghastly, I'm sure its wobbly.

Good grief, I feel sick.

This bridge is a suicide spot, never mind the other one!

Down under.

Back at the boat, David departed for golf with Jeff.  David has had his golf sticks in the car for a good few weeks now and  finally he gets to play.  Jeff is his niece's husband and the others join us tomorrow in Llangollen.

Meanwhile, I get to do some serious relaxing in his absence.

Supper was chilli fishcakes.

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