Saturday, 28 June 2014

Pretty in Pink

I could have actually spent a week here, however we have plans, plus we need to have a pump out and need to get watered up we have found to our irritation that boat yards can close whenever they want.  So we set off reluctantly.  
I do really like these sunny sunny days, and today was another.  Suncream applied to baldy.  But just as he was wanting to start up…. there was a cute cute bird, no idea what it was but it was small.  I watched it for quite a while with my brilliant bi-nocs, it went ferreting about in the base of the reeds and I fetched my Birds Spotters book and narrowed it down to a possible one of six…..  Finally it disappeared so I consented to the engine being started.
I think it was one of these.    HERE
But it had a paler chest..... ideas anyone?

So the cruise was sunny, warm with maybe two boats passing.  Birds singing and butterflies and dragonflies in wafts, can you picture it Reader…?

Suddenly there was a Day Boat in front of us, going pretty slow,  the day demanded it but, a bit slow all the same.  Then a lock in front that appeared to be in their favour, they tied up and went forward but they didn’t have a windless or have a look of intent, then a boat coming down appeared to “Take” the lock.. all very perplexing.  Captain dropped me off and he hovered.  I went up to the lock so see what was afoot and found that this lovely couple had hired for the day only and this was their first ever lock.  They had been given a model and had a chat but all the lady could remember was don’t get your fingers caught in it!  Well at least that was something.

They had “Given” the lock to the boat coming down in order to ‘Look and Learn’ sound thinking.  The lady coming down jumped ship to go and post a letter and me and the Lovely Couple did the lock.  
He did a pretty good job of bringing in the day boat and she learned how to do the lock, well I tried to keep it simple and safe, and off they went grateful thanks ringing in my ears, I urged them in return to enjoy the day as boating is quite good fun.  David came in next and as the previous boat had taken longer than normal another hire boat had arrived as well, their crew member came up and I apologised but he had realised,  saying only that they were hoping to get to the pub for lunch, we laughed together and he told me of his morning, he was on this boat with his father mother and children, he had gone out for a run at 7am and returned to find the boat gone!! 
His father is always in a rush he said, I had to laugh but Reader,  had that of been me a sense of humour failure would have resulted.
Well, WaL came up and gate open but David called me and said laughingly “I don’t want to go, the dad is such a shocking driver I want to stay and watch!”  
I didn’t let him and we left.
Saw these two tiny sets of babies

So I wanted to go moor at another fav spot, Somerton Meadows,  we were lucky as the last space on the end not too near the bend, perfect. Chains out quick. sorted. Chairs out, kindles fetched, sun hats and a glass of…
Lets go for walk he says, the exercise will do you good…. What a sauce.  We did and I took these.

I have been trying to get a shot of this pink pretty all week but they always face the water... Rewarded today.

Pink bramble

"Tree House" taken at a distance.

Previously unseen wrought iron gate hidden from tow path.

David thought this a most romantic leafy path.

This is said by David to be a nice crop of wheat, he says you can tell organic wheat as they are full of weeds.

Look carefully to see WaL on the Meadows.

Somerton Meadows
Chicken and Amanda’s courgette salad, that is wafer thins slices, soaked in lemon juice, olive oil and sprinkled with chilli flakes, a bit good.


  1. Could be Lesley or a chaffinch, we had a very young linnet visit us aboard in the saloon the other day.. Didn't take too much to suggest he left!

  2. Thank you ladies, yes I do believe it was a Linnet, I had gone through the RSPB bird identify page but now looked it up and agreed with you. A new one for me to tick off in my book.