Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Gardners, grapefruit and stilton.

Parties are great fun aren't they?  We had a lovely time and I swear that I get just as excited about parties now as I did when I was a child.
Back now and as we approached WaL still on the motorway, we had a call from Denise and Steve. 

They had passed by WaL and where were we!
We met these two in 2013 I think it was, on the Thames at Abingdon.  Fellow Fernwood Boat owners, their boat NB Riverside Escapes was finished just a few months in front of ours.  So we always make an effort to see them.  They were going north towards Fradley.

Arrived at WaL, unpacked the milk, started the engine, bikes out and we headed back the 2 miles to Fradley to enjoy afternoon tea.  Well for me this was breakfast part 2.  I had apple and caramel pie, warmed with custard.  David did look a bit surprised.

Steve and Denise.

Time to leave them and make our way back to WaL.  It was evening and we decided to take a leaf out of NB Willow's book and do an evening cruise.  This is the second one ever.
But just look how lovely the evening was....  rain cleared away

Out in the open, south of "Fradley South"

David went in doors and made tea and the tea, it was for me a toasted cheese and pickle sandwich with extra stilton mixed in and tomatoes, while I drove WaL at a snails pace being overtaken by little old ladies walking their little old dogs.

Its hard to capture Reader but just imagine the sun streaming through the trees next to you....

Now as we approached Huddlesford there were lots of fine looking boats to see as there had been a Gardner Engine Boat Rally today.

Super shiny and not a scratch on this one.

Persil white ropes over the canvas of this one.

Positively gleaming.

I should say Reader that David had returned at this point and taken the helm....

We moored up about half a mile on from here for the night.

Supper was a G&T with a wedge of grapefruit squeezed in.  Go on, try it!


  1. Ooh why didn't I know about the Gardner rally? Could have shown off with the best of them.

    1. We were told by Steve and Denise who came across it. Google it for next time.

  2. Supper sounds nutritious!