Monday, 22 August 2016

Sun, run and sausages

Well Reader just look at the weather this morning...  A cracker.  In the south I heard old ladies are being fanned and being kettled in buildings with air conditioning but here, in the north, it translates into a very lovely day.
The guests arrived on deck dressed thus;


And when we stopped at the Braidbar Boat Yard to fill with water, off they ran.

Fliss wanted to run in total about 5kms, after looking at the Nicholson guide book with her dad, with its mile markers, she was happy and ran off, but then there was confusion as she passed millstone markers on the towpath and got hot, all I know is she was very pink on returning!
Leon just runs and runs.

I do think this was the shortest narrowboat I have seen, the colours are paler in the photo than in reality.

So David and I carried on in their absence, through open rolling hills giving a feeling of total joy.

Can you feel the joy Reader?

This is another mill, the Goyt mill, an odd name I know but we would come to learn more about Goyt as the week went on.  There is a local historical site with a bit more information......      HERE  I hope its future is secure, it looks in need of a bit of TLC.

They should get Amanda to help clean those windows.

I hope the media companies pay a hefty rent to the mill owners for these ariels.

The Goyt mill is in Marple and the junction of the Macclesfield canal and the Peak Forest canal is there too.  Just around a few corners in fact.  We wanted to top up with water again as the man at the Braidbar yard had told us there wasn't any water point in Bugsworth, this was serious as Fliss had just washed her hair!  

We wanted to stay there a few days too.  The water point at Marple was at a narrow point with moored boats on the other side and a second boat waiting to fill, the man said its only dribbling out, great!  But we were told by the second captain that there certainly is water at Bugsworth and its a great pressure too.  Good, we abandoned the Marple water tap and headed off.

This stunning property at the junction here I believe wasn't always a grand house but formally a warehouse.  Have a peep at this if you are interested, or if you know more than me please do tell.    HERE   But either way what a fantastic place?

Fliss and I walked between a couple of the swing bridges and I took this photo of the fells on the other side of the valley.  Its a pretty amazing feeling that on the canal you are up high, then on arriving at Bugsworth Basin you are at "Ground level" again without the aid of any locks.

We manx a mental note of a possible mooring place here on the way home

See the name?  This bridge caused problems to us girls and Leon had to come over to do it.

Carrs doing Carrs Bridge

See the house on the right?  Pretty good view to eat your cornflakes each morning....?

Unusually this chappie didn't flinch when we passed by next to him.

End of the line for us today.  Bugsworth Basin a very historical industrial place that was almost empty.  As you can see suncream came out along with G&T's, Fliss makes a good one, don't know where that skill came from, ahem!

Fliss and I had been really looking forward to sausages and mash, it wasn't really the weather for it but we managed to choke it down anyway.

Later we drove them back to Bollington to retrieve their car and for them to drive home to the south coast.  
Work tomorrow Reader, well them not me.

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