Sunday, 14 August 2016


Very early today, with no choice but to leave in heavy drizzle, they set off.  I say they as Amanda who wakes very early and David who does too set off with me still in my nightie to set The Deep Lock here in Middlewich.  

I was around soon after to help, and we quickly worked through all the Middlewich locks all in our favour.  

Hardly a boat in sight, days ago when the daughter had visited it was knee deep in boats both sides

Then as we filled Kings lock, in the centre of Middlewich shortly after 7am and a boat pulled out in front of us, well it had to happen of course but there it stayed most of the day, so Amanda and I had to turn every one of the 19 locks we did today.  
Not at all annoying.

Actually not many photos of this stretch as it heavily drizzled all the time and the camera stayed mostly in its case.

But this place caught our eye, The Kinderton Arms, its past was as a popular local pub and in more recent years an Asian restaurant, now although looking sad now, its future is as a large family house, its got extensive grounds both sides.  
Its opposite a ex Lengthsman cottage. Amanda found this touching snipet of social history.  Amanda is a jolly whizz on the internet you know.     
I shall look forward to seeing its progress whenever we come past her again.

Personally I don't fancy the bill for the stable block roof repairs.

Down and along fabulous Arts and Crafts house with Woo Hoo chimneys.

We carried along working hard and I can't thank Amanda enough for all her hard work today (And tomorrow), those of you that have met her will know that she is a Locking Nut, last week when her and David had the boat they did 117 locks in total, we so far haven't managed that all summer!  

We carried on up Heartbreak Hill, now this is all new to us but the single locks become pairs of single locks here.  So great as it is to make progress, after several pairs there are places that have had the other one removed from use, which quickly gives you a Bottle Neck.  Plus as we are on a very very popular holiday ring, its busy.  Water levels quickly started to drop.  We were about 4th maybe in an immediate queue of six....

Estimated to be about 12" and dropping with each lock emptying.

Bottleneck and subsequent queue.
The water levels in the next pound were down approx 2ft now.  Lots of talk and muttering between boaters and to my bewilderment, the lady on the next boat "Took an executive decision" to empty a full lock with a boat coming down in front of her, to "Give water to the pound below, we thought it would help"  
Amanda simply asked how that was when boats are approaching and this pound is dropping.   
No comment was heard.  

I did call CART, (Canals and Rivers Trust, these are the people who run the waterways)  and after the 15 minute standard wait, a lady told me she would notify the manager of this area.  Two chaps did arrive later, they looked over from a lock bridge and departed, that was all we saw, I don't know if this is standard for this section to have such very low pounds or what.....  Does anyone know more?  Do please tell.

Well David found some nice moorings out in the countryside with space, 17 locks had been done, we had started at 6:30am and it was 2:30pm now, a monster day for us.  No we don't like it here lets go on!  Muttering under his breath, we did another couple.
In the final lock of the day, this happened.  Can you imagine the language?

Its very hard to hold something heavy if someone is making you laugh....

Amanda held the gate closed and took these, best that could be done.

  All the boats we had been following had already pulled in too.  Tea and naps were widespread on WaL I can tell you.
On waking we played Buttons and David managed to tie them up a bit more with my washing line.  Then it poured with rain and that was that.   We would try again tomorrow at a quiet lock.

Supper was Italian and bed time was very very early.

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