Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Shine on harvest moon....

Now here is a treat for you, the Harvest moon the other night.  You are lucky that I don't sleep so well every night.  This photo was taken at 4:30am so an hour past the optimum time for "Orangeness" but not bad.

We stopped at Thrupp two nights, washed and polished half the roof and one side of the boat plus two bikes and met Peter  from NB Futurest, who is just back from the K&A this summer.  We said goodbye, again, to NB Yarwood Lesley and Joe as they have their own deadlines to meet now.
So waiting out turn to get through the lift bridge and water up we set off northwards.

NB Futurest parked along the way

This boat is parked under a fruit tree of some description, hope the owner knows they are all over his boat and starting to rot....

Oh gawd!

The church here which is lovely inside remained unvisited this trip but looked fabulous today.

I don't remember this lift bridge being down previously but it was easy to operate....  Well I was nervous of it falling down.

So I sat on it.

Purple is a favourite colour of mine, plenty of colour still in the hedgerows in late September.

Round the corner and on a bit is the first lock of the day.  One of the odd shaped ones, I had it all explained to me by Maffi, but I have forgotten it, but something to do with the river and water....

We fill this lock completely, but today no tinks.

The River Cherwell looking pretty good.  I even did some driving on the bendy bit.

Definitely something missing form behind there...  Oh yes, a power station has gone.

Cute little back garden.

Erm the canal goes where....?

I had received a nice message from Linda and Richard, Linda keeps a blog too.  HERE  It was so nice to meet a fellow blogger and chew the fat.  Linda and Richard are on their way  back to their winter mooring on the K&A.
Lovely to have met up both.

And "Muffin" makes three

A beautiful sky followed last evening, more pinks from nature.

Supper was sausages with roasted  Mediterranean veg in a thick tomato sauce

This was the moon the night after the Harvest night, still huge but no longer orange.  Taken from the back deck.

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